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Wrapup of the November Bread Count... - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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Wrapup of the November Bread Count... [Dec. 1st, 2007|12:39 am]
Verminius Rex
And I really was baking pretty much until the last minute, because I didn't get the regular household bread started until around 8pm.

Today I did 3 batches of bread. Ciabatta, challah, and the household bread.


Ciabatta pizza for lunch. The only real innovation was that I used warm water and a good amount of yeast, so it was ready for shaping pretty fast. I used the olive oil in a sheet pan for the dividing and shaping, which worked better and took less oil than last time. Overall, one of my best ciabatta pizzas in terms of shaping, although the flavor was lacking due to not brushing the top with more olive oil and applying baking powder at that time.


The rest of the dough held together pretty well, so I baked it up as a loaf just to see what happened. It rose well, the large air pocket at the top was probably due to the 15 minute bench proof it got before baking (while the lunch pizza was baking, actually). I think that there is more experimentation to do with the ciabatta.

Ciabatta Dough
18 oz bread flour


Apple challah. In my survey it really came in second, blueberry came in first but I didn't have any on hand. It turned out fairly good, although I think the apple chunks didn't really add to the flavor or texture much. Maybe another kind of apple would work better (I used a fuji apple). The braid turned out well, and I documented a half loaf with fruit content (which needs a longer bake time to take about 35 minutes.

Apple Challah Dough
24 oz bread flour


My regular home bread, which looks like the bread I make and eat every week.

Weekly Bread Dough
10 oz wheat flour
22 oz high gluten flour

November Bread Count
whole wheat flour 90 oz (5 lbs 10 oz)
high gluten flour 252 oz (15 lbs 12 oz)
bread flour 233 oz (14 lb 9 oz)
spelt flour 12 oz
rye flour 10 oz
Total 597 oz (37 lbs 5 oz)

Figuring that on average, for every 1 lb of flour I use 10 oz of water plus yeast, salt, etc which would add another 23 lbs minimum, so I made over 60 lbs of bread this month. It was a high production month with the holidays and such, plus random experiments. How much did all this cost me? My best guess-maybe around $20 for the flour, plus the cost of a dozen eggs or so. I've had more expensive hobbies, and they didn't leave the house smelling this good.