Verminius Rex (verminiusrex) wrote,
Verminius Rex

Survey from d_r_o_n_e.........

This is a survey that I snagged from d_r_o_n_e....

1.) Do you have any pieces of jewelry that you (basically) never remove? (By this I mean, you don't take them off to go to sleep or to shower.) What are they?

An antique coin that I got from the coin collection of my former brother in law, strung on a string through the hole in the middle of the coin. I recently added two metal skull beads to the necklace, because they were cheap and looked cool.

2.) Have there been any pieces of jewelry that you (basically) never removed in the past that you have since abandoned? If so, why did you abandon them?

For many years of college, there was a necklace with 2 bone skull beads between 3 other beads on a leather strip that I wore for a couple of years. The leather broke, and I never got around to fixing it. I also wore a pewter chinese rat symbol for about a year, the chain broke and I never bothered to replace it.

3.) Do you have any pieces of jewelry that you wear only on special &/or social occasions?

A big silver ring of a skeleton crawling around the finger and across the back of the hand, which I only wear when gothed up or for Halloween. It was a birthday gift, beautifully tacky.

4.) How long does it take you to "fix your hair" every day? What does this entail?

I brush my hair and put it into a ponytail. If it's wet, I brush my hair, let it dry, then put it into a ponytail. Simple, yes?

5.) Do you "fix your hair" differently or more elaborately for special &/or social occasions? If so, how?

Sometimes I'll wash my hair but not brush it and leave it down so that it is loose and has curls for gothing up.

6.) How frequently do you change your hairstyle (if you change it)? Do you make drastic changes (for example, color/length/style all at once) or gradual ones?

My hair has been the same for about 7 years, long and pulled into a ponytail. The most dramatic change for me was having the mullet (it was 1992, off my case) chopped in back, and I had short hair for about two years. The long hair was gradual (of course) and hasn't really changed since.
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