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Damn, friends from out of town will be at Contra, and with only one… - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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[Nov. 9th, 2007|10:27 am]
Verminius Rex
Damn, friends from out of town will be at Contra, and with only one car my chances of going for a single evening have plummeted even more. Darned truck problems. My chances of going were slim to begin with, but I'd make more effort to go with OK friends attending.

Slimmers will be attending to the truck next week, until then I get to drop Marz off at her bus stop and pick her up in the evening for about a week.

[User Picture]From: auroraceleste
2007-11-09 04:45 pm (UTC)
I'm seriously considering going for Saturday afternoon and evening only, to wear a costume and promote the new KC ICG thing. Maybe make flyers or something. Want me to email you if I do?
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[User Picture]From: verminiusrex
2007-11-09 05:10 pm (UTC)
Sure, I'll see what weekend plans are with the family, maybe drag out the renfest outfit to help promo if I can make it.
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From: starstraf
2007-11-09 10:23 pm (UTC)
Call Ruth - she is thinking of going out for just tonight - I'll IM you
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[User Picture]From: bellanorth
2007-11-09 10:47 pm (UTC)
Looks like you have plenty of offers to cover the weekend already, but I'm sure I could lend you a car for the night.
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[User Picture]From: kukla_tko42
2007-11-10 12:54 am (UTC)


For similar reasons, I can't make it this year either. My cousin Audree is also not going to make it and she says that most of the Tulsa gang won't be going. I was willing to go if I could get a Ride, a Room, and a Badge. Curious Cat Clothing offered me a dealer badge (which makes sense because I'd work the booth/dealer room for them) but I don't have any roommates or transportation.

Many STL folks aren't going to make it this year either. (sigh). And I really did want to go...
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[User Picture]From: verminiusrex
2007-11-10 01:18 am (UTC)

Re: I wanna GOOOOOOOO!

Right now I really want to go so I can help pimp the KC Costume group, a local chapter of the ICG. Waiting for the email to tell me when my potential ride was planning to attend tomorrow, so I know if I need to pull out the renfest outfit.
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[User Picture]From: sherwood21
2007-11-10 02:10 am (UTC)
Aw crap, I wish I'd been able to get my computer online earlier - I'd have hooked you up with my cousin. He'll be there all weekend.
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