Verminius Rex (verminiusrex) wrote,
Verminius Rex

last day survived, travel day tomorrow....

The kids and I did the usual, flew the kite for a bit, got a parachute person for the kite (but not the chance to use it, didn't want it to end up in a harbor), lunch, Marz got out of her deal and joined us for a trip aboard ships that were part of the Maritime Museum, including the Star of India, and the HMS Surprise which was in Master and Commander. Marz was wiped, so we took one of the many peddle taxis back to the hotel, once we found a four seater that could hold us, the kids and the stroller. That guy really worked for his money. The peddle taxis are everywhere, I was tempted to use them more often but only did the once.

We fly back around 12:30pm tomorrow, get back in the evening, and I will apply liberal amounts of aloe to my well sunned face (not really super burnt, but has been exposed to much sun for about 7 days in a row). And Saturday we have a birthday party at a friend's house in KC to attend.
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