Verminius Rex (verminiusrex) wrote,
Verminius Rex

I have killed to protect my child......

I moved a pile of fabric to find a scrap of purple that I need to get another yard of for another Parimono, and a huge spider startles the hell out of me. It's trying to go in the opposite direction, but it's on the floor where my daughter crawls. I try to smush it a few times and it dodges, then makes a dash in my daughter's direction.

I killed it with my bare hands just 6 inches from my child. Future boyfriends of Pari beware, I have already killed for my child.

There was no real danger, of course, but that was one big friggin' spider, and I just wanted to use the "I have killed to protect my child" as a subject line. Why don't the spiders stay on the ceiling eating bugs like they are supposed to? Floor is mine, ceiling is yours. Kill the bugs and you won't be evicted. Simple deal.
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