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an interesting conversation during Kiyan's birth.... - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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an interesting conversation during Kiyan's birth.... [Dec. 30th, 2004|11:15 am]
Verminius Rex
This is something that I've been planning to post for a few days. While Marz was in labor, I had a laptop and wireless modem going in the corner of the room. Every once in awhile, after a contraction and during a rest period, I would write a brief message to radcliffe, and she'd message back. It was a nice tension release for me during what was admittedly a brief labor (maybe 3 hours), and a fun way to share the moment with a friend. This text is going into Kiyan's scrapbook, along with the pictures and certificates from the hospital.

Approximate times have been added by me.

verminiusrex: labor is progressing. could be a long wait, could be soon. midwife and ob are in the building, doula is hanging with us
radcliffe: fingers are crossed!
radcliffe: how are you holding up?
verminiusrex: it's mostly a waiting game, and not looking like a jerk for being online while she's in labor
radcliffe: lol
verminiusrex: they are checking her dilation right now
verminiusrex: she's hooked up to an iv with saline and antibiotics, because she's early
verminiusrex: dilation is a 4
radcliffe: of a needed what? 10 centimeters?
radcliffe: (trying not to imagine the pain)
verminiusrex: right, 10
verminiusrex: sorry, she's at 5, baby has dropped low
radcliffe: oh so exciting
verminiusrex: she's pacing, and it's probably going to be pretty soon. they're going to do a scalp probe on the kid so they can monitor it and she can have a little bit of mobility
radcliffe: woww, so neat! I hope ot all goes well.
radcliffe: think the baby will come before midnight abd be an anniversary baby?
verminiusrex: hard to tell how long this will go. i'm personally thinking after midnight, before 2, probably before 1
radcliffe: *hugs*
verminiusrex: doula thinks it'll be soon
radcliffe: (insert jeopardy theme)
verminiusrex: feeling the jeopardy theme
verminiusrex: i'm looking forward to making the lj announcement about labor and delivery when it's through
radcliffe: well, and knowing if you have a boy or a girl!
radcliffe: I will visit tomorrow to see him/her
verminiusrex: is very close. time is night. 3 minutes and it won't be an anniversary baby
radcliffe: I am crossing my fingers and toes for everyone to be healthy, no matter what time.
verminiusrex: past the anniversary baby time, but very close
radcliffe: so exciting!
radcliffe: I am sending healthy happy vibes!
verminiusrex: she is so close
radcliffe: wow
radcliffe: is she ok?
verminiusrex: normal delivery. it's just not a picnic
radcliffe: right right
radcliffe: I will be here
verminiusrex: baby is slowly positioning, exit will be quick
radcliffe: yup, you have eager kids
radcliffe: now go and be with her! I'll wait!
@ 12.45am
verminiusrex: kiyan james. no lj spoilers before we post.
radcliffe: YAY!!!!!
radcliffe: congratulations to all three of you!!!!
radcliffe: I won't say a word!
radcliffe: in fact I am going to bed, so goodnight, and many thousand congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

[User Picture]From: verminiusrex
2004-12-30 06:36 pm (UTC)
I have a picture of the dry erase board in the room I was using to keep track of contractions between 8 and 10, too. I would have liked having that palm program at the time.
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