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Interviewed a Lawrence pediatrician today. Dr. Riorden seems real… - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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[Apr. 18th, 2002|10:19 pm]
Verminius Rex
[mood |draineddrained]

Interviewed a Lawrence pediatrician today. Dr. Riorden seems real cool, and plans to be in practice for a long time. Looks like we have a new doctor for Parv. Spent the rest of the afternoon chatting with Radcliffe, and making plans for a pair of patchwork faire pants. She had some scrap and a sample book of fabric that is going to be a good start. Almost wish there was enough in the sample book for a doublet (like I know how to make one yet.) Maybe a patchwork kimono would be interesting, although that may make it look more like a bathrobe.
We bought a serger last night. It came with an instructional video on how to thread it, which will be useful. Have yet to do this, probably work on it tomorrow night after work (not during Farscape, of course.)
Tomorrow afternoon begins another tour of duty at the printshop. Working 12 hour days is not too bad once a week, and only 6 hours on Friday, but I still don't like working production. Sucks big time. But it pays for my e-bay habit and other frivolous spending, such as food and shelter.
Better get to bed or I'll be dragging tomorrow.