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you said I didn't need an appointment... - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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you said I didn't need an appointment... [Nov. 24th, 2003|09:37 am]
Verminius Rex
So, I call Wal-Mart to get a new battery, they say bring it in and they can install it very quickly. I asked if I needed an appointment, they said no. I get there, they can work me in at 1.


That interferes with my day a bit.

From: (Anonymous)
2003-11-24 07:48 am (UTC)
http://www.larouchepub.com/other/2003/3044wal-mart.html (http://www.larouchepub.com/other/2003/3044wal-mart.html)
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[User Picture]From: electron_pusher
2003-11-24 09:27 am (UTC)
You DON'T need an appointment ... just drop it off and we'll get to it when we feel like it!

(I hate Wall Hell ... so you won't get a good anything from me over them :).
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[User Picture]From: kai_
2003-11-24 08:21 pm (UTC)
Wal-Mart is evil.

And the reason you didn't "need" an appointment is because they don't take appointments.

The battery in my car is from Wal-Mart. I went to find out how old my battery is. They couldn't tell me. I asked if they could look up the manufacturing number, to find out when it was produced. They couldn't do that either. Finally, I asked for a telephone number for the manufacturer. The assistant pimply-faced manager-esque person who was behind the counter said, "What manufacturer?"

I did not waste my breath explaining to him which manufacturer I was interested in. Next battery I buy, will be from Sears or Goodyear.
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