February 18th, 2009

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Traffic for Kiyan pickup was heavy, no clue why so many folk were there. I had to park over by Watkins and walk, with no socks. Remember folks, always dress like you have to walk somewhere, because sometimes you do. Kiyan was running a slight fever and cranky, so he's home tomorrow. I'm ot feeling top dog at the moment, so no bagel baking for Friday delivery because I don't like baking for others when I may be sick.

The new traffic pattern at Pari's school for pickup is hellish. I understand it's to make everything flow faster, but damn they are short of parking and making it worse. Now I have to show up even earlier to find a spot, or be in a long line on the street.

Sure would like the cold and flu season to be over with already.
spam sushi

KCCG Fabric Swap...

The KCCG Fabric Swap has been officially scheduled for Sunday, April 26th, 1-4pm in Building 1 of the fairgrounds in Lawrence. I'm posting this here so the other KCCG people know, before I forget.