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zombie walk stuff... - At Home With Children — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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zombie walk stuff... [Aug. 15th, 2012|08:31 pm]
Verminius Rex
Still waiting for the info from the public library tie in event before I write up and send off my press release. A fellow parent from the school has a friend with Yahoo news that she is going to pass the release on to, so maybe it'll get some publicity that way. I've also gotten in touch with the people that run the Iowa City, KC, Topeka and Manhattan walks and we'll see about forming a facebook group to share links and such for cross promotion, and maybe a bit more next year. This is our busy season so I'm not pushing anyone to do something time consuming. 

I also ordered some glow in the dark silicon bracelets that say "Lawrence Zombie Walk" on them because I had a coupon code and a two for one deal. I'll offer them for $5 each at the walk, if they sell it'll bring in nice money for the charity, otherwise I have a nice gift for sponsors and volunteers for the next couple of years. The walk takes place after sunset and I was told the bracelets glow well and long, so I'll make sure they get plenty of sunlight and see if the glow sells the product. 

There are several walks in the area I may attend for fun and networking. September/October is going to be busy. I should also arrange to do the haunted houses this year, I go once every 5-10 years so when I go I like to do several. The challenge is finding someone else that feels like hitting two to four haunted houses in one night. 

I'll be doing my Beetlejuice suit fitting soon, and am looking forward to my swank new outfit for the walk. I just hope some jackass soaked in fake blood doesn't try to give me a full body hug. I'll also be losing several inches of the ponytail so my hair spikes up better for the Beetlejuice look, but still long enough to be pulled back. I have the hair to spare.