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justified shopping.... - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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justified shopping.... [Mar. 7th, 2012|06:32 pm]
Verminius Rex
As part of her side stuff, Marz is doing youtube video reviews. Since I have the basement tv room set up for the occasional photography project, it's the obvious place to do her video shooting. My lighting setup is primitive at best, but now there is justification for a basic lighting setup. I found what I think should work fine for under $100 on amazon, and it has upgrade capabilities. I don't want to spend a fortune on this, but $100 or less sounds fine considering the price of other setups.

Marz is off to another conference tomorrow, gone for a week. The airport dropoff had slight complications, but was worked out and lucky for me Kiyan's clinician had to cancel for today and instead can watch the kids while I'm at work on Saturday.

Still waiting for the KC Crypticon people to enable payment for the tables online, so I can reserve the booth to pimp the Lawrence Zombie Walk and see if the KC Zombie Walk wants to join in the fun. Their booth prices go up in a little over a month, if the online payment system isn't available before them I'm not getting involved.

April is the start of the sponsor drive for the zombie walk, I got the first draft emailed to my graphics person/organizational helper for a lookover before printing. It is pretty much last year's letter with the date, charities and tshirt price updated (charging $2 more for shirts, means another several hundred for the charities) plus added in bragging rights of how much our numbers have grown the last couple of years. Will see how that pans out and if we meet our April 1st date to start the panhandling. I want to double the number of sponsors. According to my accountant uncle, generally the state wants 2 years of generating money for charities before granting nonprofit status, I have excellent records to show that I did that last year and i plan to do the same this year. My goal is to have the LZW as a registered nonprofit by 2014, but that also depends on leftover sponsor money covering the cost of incorporation and nonprofit registration.

I don't have the time to do it this year, but next year it would be great to kickstart the sponsor drive with an event. Maybe a zombie shooting gallery or similar event in South Park, there were some pingpong popguns and nerf guns that would do an admiral job. It's on the wish list for the future. The 5K zombie run in some states is intriguing but I don't have the desire to bring it to Lawrence, although I'd definitely volunteer if it came here.