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Verminius Rex

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costume stuff... [Nov. 14th, 2011|10:51 pm]
Verminius Rex
Got a steampunk tea event in town coming up, I was tempted to buy another black pinstripe vest in an appropriate size so that I could wear it with my black victorian-ish suit, but considering the effort I put into the "brown" steampunk-ish worker outfit, I think that would only take away money from the Beetlejuice Suit project. I did pull out my vintage safety goggles that I'd had prescription lenses in for a little adjusting, now they fit better.

I'd ordered a yard of the striped fabric for the Beetlejuice suit I'm having someone tailor for me from an amazon.com seller, after getting the fabric approved by the seamstress it appears that the seller is down to a single yard. Found what appears to be the same fabric from another seller, ordered a yard to confirm, then I'll get the 6 yards for the suit. Sample and leftover fabric will be used to make a suit for one or both kids. The lesson here is when you find your fabric, get it as quickly as possible.

I have some Where's Waldo frames with lenses on the way from zennioptical.com, after they get here and if they fit right (if they don't I'm only out $12) then I plan to get a Waldo costume shirt and hat for later use. The costumes could be better from what I've read, so I'm keeping an eye out for a red and white knit of the appropriate stripe width.

So for costuming I'm currently waiting for Waldo glasses and a sample yard of striped fabric. Getting the Beetlejuice suit started up is my first priority simple because it'll be the more expensive one, and I want to spread out the cost over the next many months rather than have to come up with several hundred all at once. The Waldo costume is just a trip to amazon.com, unless a 2 inch stripe knit drops from the sky (or I notice it at the fabric store).