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Verminius Rex

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stuff of the moment... [Jul. 23rd, 2011|03:19 pm]
Verminius Rex
 Amy Winehouse dead at 27. No big shock, but I just keep thinking how she's worth 73 points on someone's dead pool, which is very disturbing. I never played a dead pool because I'd feel bad if I won, and the year I would have played I would have probably won by chooling Dale Earnhart because he was the only race car driver i knew by name. 

In costuming news, got two things in the mail today. One was a 3 pouch ammo case two pack that will be made into a left leg drop holster, and maybe a right arm holster. Still waiting on the leather ammo pouches, which will go on a belt or bandolier. Also got another vest, this one black with pinstripes but is the long cut I like. The XL brown was a bit roomy, this Large is a bit snug. I'll adapt the Large and it'll work fine but annoyed i have to make the adjustments. I'll probably open the sides and make it lace up the sides, a good use of my grommet press. 
I've been playing with ebay wish bids again. Lost one that I coveted, but it ended up going for $20 above my wish bid, so not feeling bad like if it went for 50¢ over my max bid. I got a ring for $2 on another wish bid (free shipping), and it should look good with the steampunk outfit and is disposable. 
We were going to go to Emporia for a swim party with my BIL and family, but by the time we were able to leave it would be over before we arrived. The kids are happy enough playing in the wading pool while I'm online with my nifty new laptop battery that actually has an hour or two power. Just have to keep them from splashing me. 
I've been doing pretty good with the Archon fund, considering I've been actively doing it for two weeks. I have the badge cost covered, and probably the snack for the drive up. If anyone in Lawrence wants bagels, $20 a dozen delivered. I may find a cheaper source for the high gluten flour and drop that slightly in the future, but not until the kids are in school and I can make convenient runs to KC. 
Pari is doing a kimono for a 4H project, and it's due monday. She did a good part of it last night before I was ready to strangle her, we should be able to get it done tonight. 
There's your irregular update, I'm more on Facebook these days and may eventually be more on Google+. 

[User Picture]From: lesliepear
2011-07-24 02:51 am (UTC)
What is your name on FB/Google+

I'm Leslie Gottlieb
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