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 Kiyan started throwing up around 5am, so he gets to miss the… - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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[Jul. 8th, 2011|06:46 am]
Verminius Rex
 Kiyan started throwing up around 5am, so he gets to miss the last day of camp while Marz gets to watch Pari in the yearly singalong. I'll be at home cleaning the bathroom every 20 minutes or so, although I must admit Kiyan's aim is not bad. But I'm also going to do a sterilization routine in the vain hopes of keeping whatever this is from spreading through the entire family. Now I'm wondering if this ache in my stomach is something developing or just normal hunger before breakfast.

Marz got a Chrome Book, which is currently being used by me to update LJ and Facebook. It's a netbook that only runs Google Chrome, and is fine for most online applications. I'm liking the fact that it's lightweight, fast, has a long battery life, and the keyboard is a comfortable size. It does lack a desktop or other functions of any sort (imagine if Chrome was open on your desktop and you could access nothing else, that's what this is) but for most of my online work it meets the criteria. 
The first draft for the zombie walk sponsor letter is off to people for feedback, in a couple days I should have the final done and be formatting it for the letterhead my friend printed out in addition to the cards. Besides the two people that have donated their design work and screen costs, I have about 3 people expressing interest in sponsoring the event, which is pretty good considering i haven't started sending out the letters yet. 
It's also a little over a week before the steampunk photoshoot in KC. I considered attending the Saturday event but it doesn't even get rolling until the evening, and I want to attend the Sunday shoot with friends. If it was in town I'd consider going to both, but not when there is an hour drive each way involved. I'm just hoping all my online purchases come in with time for adjustments before the event. Although I have a feeling the shoot location is not air conditioned, and a bunch of steampunked costumers will be very hot and uncomfortable.