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 My aunt and uncle in law from Virginia are in the area, so we… - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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[Jul. 4th, 2011|10:35 am]
Verminius Rex
 My aunt and uncle in law from Virginia are in the area, so we are shoveling stuff  so the house is at an acceptable level of clutter for family. The kids are "helping", meaning Pari complains bitterly if we ask her to do something productive but can be shooed off to vacuum the basement carpet for hours with Kiyan so she's out of the way. 

I found the vest I wanted for my steampunk outfit and ordered it. Since I hate the short vests because they were made for high waisted trousers, I got a long vest made for Islamic modesty standards that come below the waist but are cut mostly like normal vests. And it was just $20 plus shipping from the lowest online store i found, which works for me. My basic steampunk outfit should be done after a little accessorizing. 

Among my future projects is to make hat stretcher stands to keep some of the hats I stretch from going back while in storage. I figure an oval made of wood or heavy chipboard with a circumference slightly bigger than my mellon should work. The hat I got at ConQuest is a soft leather and goes back like a rubber band, so I suspect some chemical treatment may come into play for stretching it out permanently. 

I continue to sort stuff in the craft room and set up the tv room for future photo work. The backdrop bar hangs nicely from the ceiling mounts I put in, although if a length of pipe is cheap enough I may do that because it would fit better. I need to get some S hooks for easier hanging. I also need to see how long it takes for wrinkles to hang out of the backdrops, I've heard a bit of water sprayed on them speeds the process but knowing if it's hours or days would be good to have on hand when planning. 

Now back to cleaning, or as I call it, Mission Improbable.