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gardening... - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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gardening... [Jul. 1st, 2011|06:37 pm]
Verminius Rex
 Something is attacking one of my summer squash plants, I put some replacement seeds in the ground today so I'm hoping they are producing before all the other plants are wiped out. Out of four plants I'm getting maybe one squash a day, which meets our needs. The peppers are also producing, although only the banana peppers are ready to eat. The others need to ripen. The walking stick kale is about a foot tall, and I'm treating it regularly with diatamatious earth for whatever is eating holes in the leaves. 

So many green tomatoes, and nothing ripening yet. Plenty of cucumber blossoms on the vine but no fruit yet. My potatoes are doing well for their late planting, next year I'll do much better. Onions also could have used an earlier planting time.

I was thinking about putting some raspberry and blackberry starters in the ground but I think they are past season in most nurseries. I'll have to wait for the plants I have to spread naturally, so another year or two before I have any berry harvest of note. I did toss a giant pumpkin seed in the ground and it's growing, we'll see if it survives. There's a scrub tree in that corner to take out before it competes with the pumpkin. 

And I'm doing my first solar sterilization of a garden bed. Half of the hoop house bed was just growing a ton of grass, so I plucked it out and covered it with plastic to hopefully bake out the roots and seeds within a month. They say 4-6 weeks of high temp, so end of july should work. There's lots of grass to deal with too, probably raking back the wood mulch and putting down paper before covering again.

I'm thinking about doing lemongrass and mint in a shady patch by the front of the house. I'll have to put in a raised bed of some sort and put in some decent soil, but I have mint and lemongrass to transplant for the experiment. Lemongrass I'd have to replant every year, mint is the Borg if it likes the spot. I may also try basil.