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in brief... - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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in brief... [Jun. 23rd, 2011|11:43 am]
Verminius Rex
 Zombie Walk stuff is coming together. My friend is doing the logo that will be on a shirt and probably the walks general logo in years to come. I'm looking into some merchandising, the profits would benefit the humane society and sponsors would cover initial cost. When the logo is done I'll spend time while the kids are at speech camp for half days to hit up the Mass Street merchants for sponsorship. I also need to price tshirts and silicon bracelets. 

Once the groundwork is done, then I'll start collecting volunteers for the walk, and maybe form an informal board so there is more than one person to look at how everything is going. I'm viewing this year mostly as setting groundwork for future years where we can raise more money and donations for the charity of choice, by default the Humane Society but we'll see if that becomes a default or if we rotate main charities. 

I got a big pot of chili in a crockpot, shortly I'll take the kids out for errands and get some lunch. The chili uses up the ground lamb that was near bad time and made use of a huge thing of ground beef I got on sale. I may freeze it in chunks for later meals. Besides that I have a beef roast in need of a meal plan, and some chicken in a brine to be smoked if the weather remains nice. That should cover meals through the weekend. 

On Saturday I'll be hitting Maker's Faire at Union Station with the family, afterwards I'll be working at the KCCG booth. Which means packing up a sewing machine, serger, pattern, materials and notions, plus whatever costuming I want to display. And it has to fit in the trunk for easy transport. Sunday I'll be working the faire too. Swing by if you are in KC.