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greenhouse plans.... - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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greenhouse plans.... [Apr. 20th, 2011|11:49 am]
Verminius Rex

My over the summer goal is to make a hoop house out of the last two garden beds. The beds are 4'x8', and have a 3 foot aisle between. Today while at Home Depot I jotted down the prices of some basic materials I'll need to give me a cost analysis, now I'm going to lay out the steps to keep track of what i need to do next. The list isn't near complete, but gives me a starting point. Spreading out the cost over the summer is also a good so I'm not looking at a pile of materials that won't see use for weeks.

Materials Cost-
3/4" pvc 10 ft, $1.64
2 ft rebar, $1.60
plastic anchor, $3.28
cedar 3/4"x8"x12', $23.84

Task list-
Secure 12' cedar across front and back of both beds, level beds.
Anchor beds
Doorframes at front and back with spine support
French doors front and back, hinges and latches
rebar and pvc spines 
plastic over ends
plastic over top

First task is to secure the beds together and get them leveled, which will run about $50 in materials.