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Naka-Kon wrapup report... - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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Naka-Kon wrapup report... [Feb. 20th, 2011|07:50 pm]
Verminius Rex
Friday-arrived around 3pm, checked into the hotel, unpacked and did a run through the dealer's hall. Early dinner alone, later light dinner with friends, then hanging out on the mezzenine walkway with friend Joe watching costumes passing by while chatting. A bit more wandering, then bed. 

Saturday-woke early out of habit, got breakfast at Paneara's and split it with affreca . Friend hangout for a couple hours, then lunch with rowyn  (whom I only see about once or twice a year). 3pm I went to the cosplay green room, where I helped out for the next 7 hours.

My usual method of volunteering is to appear and find out what needs to be done, and pick what seems most interesting. This year, in addition to the usual errand running I helped a guy in a gigantic duct tape dragon costume by keeping him watered, assisting with massive wings and head, and helping assemble him for the actual walkway. He was too big to fit through the curtain fully assembled (the guy was easily 6'6" without the costume, with the head on he was 8'-9' tall, wings 6'-8' wide, will post pics after I upload them). So I got to stick a big duct tape dragon head onto a tall guy on stage so he could to his walk, and disassemble him afterwards for exiting. He got best intermediate costume, I felt like a proud dad after assisting him for several hours. He stopped by during dinner and thanked me again for all my help, which was really cool. 

Around 10pm my seven hours of volunteer work was up, and I hooked up with conbarbie  and a half dozen others for pizza. We chose the hotel bar/restaurant for convenience, it was busy and took 45 minutes before a server finally came out to us (we were all very tired and sore, didn't want to find another venue). Socialized until around 2am, then I drug my tired self back to the room for sleep. 

Sunday-not much today. Woke up, packed, run through dealer's hall and a round of goodbyes. Parents picked me up at noon, a run to the casino where we hit the buffet but skipped the gambling, home by 3pm. Two of three bags unpacked so far. Besides food, the only real purchase were two fans and a conical hat. 

Had a great time, looking forward to a good night's sleep, and considering just how much stuff I need to catch up on in the house. Marz cleaned so much that now I have to put in more effort or she'll think that I should get a real job.