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 Pari got her Magic Schoolbus books at the library and had her… - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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[Jan. 5th, 2011|07:44 pm]
Verminius Rex
 Pari got her Magic Schoolbus books at the library and had her first piano lesson of the new year. We put her back in group lessons because we think she was getting more out of the longer group sessions than out of the private lessons, although her private piano teacher was great. The kids also did pretty well at the library, Kiyan was only a little squirley during the visit and Pari went directly to the books and started reading until it was time to leave. We need to get her a book bag just for the public library books so they don't get mixed with school library books. 

And when it comes to instant milk tea mixes from the Asian market, I've learned my lesson. Unless it specifically says Thai tea, its going to taste bitter even though it has sweetness. I usually just add one to a packet of Thai tea and that makes it drinkable, but damn it's disappointing to make up some sweetened milk tea and have such a bitter aftertaste. I may even toss out the packages because it's easier to just move on than tolerate this bitterness. I can almost scrape the bitter off my tongue. So remember, the key word is Thai tea if you go for the packets of instant sweetened milk tea. 

Pari is out with my parents for some grand-bonding time. They usually do pizza and maybe some shopping. I'm glad that she can spend time with her grandparents, growing up we usually lived between 3 and 20 hours away so I didn't know my grandparents as well as I would have liked. Then again by the time I was in college I lived only an hour away and never visited the two remaining grandparents unless my parents were in town, so I honestly have no one but myself to blame. 

Two of my four monthly goals for 2011 have been completed already (lunch with friends I seldom see, and trying a new dish at a restaurant), I need to pick out a book and a movie to see. I'm thinking Pride and Prejudice and Zombies may be my book this month, movie is yet to be decided. My idea was to go with classic movies, but I'm thinking I may use it to watch movies that have been on my netflix queue for up to years.