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Plans for 2011... - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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Plans for 2011... [Jan. 1st, 2011|06:55 pm]
Verminius Rex
I should post this today so it's easy to find and check off throughout the year. I'm making some plans for 2011, things to do and stuff to see. This is partially inspired by a friend who posted the movies he has an interest in that are coming out this year. My list doesn't have movies, mostly it is books, a couple video games, and some events. 

2011 Stuff to Do and See or Stuff Being Released to Read or Play

January 4-(book) A Hard Day's Knight by Simon Green
February 15-(video game) Lego Star Wars III:The Clone Wars
February 18-20-(event) Naka-Kon
March 29-(book) Tiassa by Steven Brust
March 29-(event) Fifth Tuesday dinner Guild
April 5-(book) Betrayer:Foreigner #12 by CJ Cherryh
May 27-29-(event) ConQuest Kansas City
May 31-(video game) Lego Pirates of the Caribbean 
May 31-(event) Fifth Tuesday Dinner Guild
June 3-5-(event) SoonerCon Oklahoma City
July 26-(book) Ghost Story:Dresden Files #13 by Jim Butcher
August ?-(event) Lawrence Busker Fest
August 30-(event) Fifth Tuesday Dinner Guild
September ?-(event) Huff n Puff Hot Air Balloon Rally 
October ?-(event) Lawrence Zombie Walk
November 29-(event) Fifth Tuesday Dinner Guild

Other Stuff to Do Monthly-
Lunch with friends I seldom see
Read a book I've been meaning to read
See a classic movie I've been meaning to see, or a new movie
Try a new food or dish

I'll update the list as actual dates are confirmed. I need to get started on organizing the zombie walk as a nonprofit, either by becoming an event for an existing nonprofit or starting the paperwork itself. 

Monthly Update-This is where I'll keep track of my 2011 goals

Lunch with rowangolightly and kerri
Book-Cordelia's Honor-Shards of Honor
Movie-The Expendables, The A-Team, The Losers
Food-Pan fried noodles at Panda Garden, Hungry Roll at Yokohamas, Carne Platter (Pork tips with tortillas) at Guavara 

Lunch-Jackie, Kerri, The Dave
Book-Cordelia's Honor-Barrayar (Bujold), Thief of Time (Pratchett)
Movie-Going Postal (Terry Pratchett movie adaptation)
Food-spam sushi

Book-Interesting Times (Pratchett), A Hard Day's Knight (Simon Green)
Movie-The Wolfman (2010)
Food-Pad Kra Tian Beef, Thai House

Lunch-solan_t , Denise
Book-Tiassa (Brust), Side Jobs (Butcher), Betrayer (Cherryh)
Movie-Samurai 7
Food-Beef Carpaccio, Fried Artichoke with Aioli, Pannacotta, Creme Brule, Hawaii sushi roll (raw tuna and avacado), 

Lunch-solan_t , affreca 
Food-7 types of nigiri, kobe burger, truffle fries