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 Doing a reset in Safari will hopefully keep it from crashing so… - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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[Dec. 24th, 2010|10:10 am]
Verminius Rex
 Doing a reset in Safari will hopefully keep it from crashing so much. I do suspect that I hadn't cleaned house in a long time, so to speak and it was causing the crash issues. I don't like switching primary browsers. I went from IE to Firefox years ago because it was better on the Mac, then when Firefox was having issues switched to Safari. I don't want to move my bookmarks again, so I'll see if this fixes Safari. Maybe I'll see if something similar on Firefox helps it, I find it useful to have multiple browsers available for occasional multitasking. 

It's cold and has some precipitation, a friend already had a wreck yesterday with rollover (I'm thanking multiple higher sources that occasional sushi companion K and her hubby are well). All I want are clear roads for tomorrow's extended family visit in Overland Park, otherwise my immediate family lives very close (3 blocks for my parents, 2 miles for Sister). 

It appears that many of my friends are running around like beheaded poultry due to the Christmas season. We don't celebrate it as a religious holiday (the kids are being raised Bahai), but we spend it with family. So we make use of other people's Christmas tree and give gifts for the kids, if we run across free pictures with Santa then we'll have the kids get one, but besides dealing with insane traffic and crowded stores when all I want are taco fixings the holiday rush doesn't hit us quite so hard.

I liked the tradition my family had at one point, which was that everyone was only expected to get each other one gift and it was usually of a value under $10-20 (it's been a few decades, hard to figure out the change in currency rates due to time). There was no pressure, no freaking out. Mom would tend to pile on some extra stuff, but that's a parents job and it was usually practical stuff like clothing that would be given anyway. One year I gave everyone home made tie dye tshirts wrapped in Braniff Airlines barf bags (I collected plenty flying between home and college the first couple years). If we wanted the shiny object of the season Mom would give us a nice hand written promissory note for it in the new year. No shiny object is worth risking life and limb. 

Hope everyone has a happy holiday season, don't take unnecessary risks or start an unwanted argument. I'll be traveling only if the roads are safe for the family and bickering with Sister, because we have fun doing it to annoy Mom.