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Verminius Rex

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shiny costume stuff... [Nov. 29th, 2010|11:40 pm]
Verminius Rex
One of my long term goals is to make a Tusken Raider (sand people from Star Wars) costume. I ran across a reasonably priced mask kit on ebay that I bookmarked for later purchase. Part of the appeal is making an entire costume with muslins and osnaburg fabrics, and the clothing patterns are pretty simple. I'd probably actually make a form of kimono for the under robe because that would be more aesthetic and easier for me to make. The helmet is the most difficult part, and they have a nice kit (minus the leather and fabric) for about $35-40. 

I didn't get a chapter in the nonprofit book read tonight, my bad but I got the first season of Campus PD on itunes because I've seen the clips and wanted to see the whole show. Pretty much like cops but with more drunk underage college students. 

tomorrow is dedicated to getting a few errands including registering Pari for next year's 4H stuff (the way you have to renroll every year is anoying). I also get to pay $3 for a parking ticket I was about 5 minutes late putting a coin in the meter. And there are two calls I somehow missed and need to return, both which will involve scheduling more stuff for the kids. My life is spent mostly taking everyone else to their appointments and keeping track of who is supposed to be where.