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nonprofit book, chapter 3... - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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nonprofit book, chapter 3... [Nov. 29th, 2010|12:18 am]
Verminius Rex
 After taking nearly a week off from the task due to the holiday, I'm back to reading the "How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation" book. Tonight I finished chapter 3 (of 11 chapters). I'm going to try and do at least a chapter a night until I'm done with the book, then go back through it and prep for the paperwork and decision making. I know that back in my 20's my eyes would have glazed over reading this stuff, but now I'm actually understanding it. Looks like we'd be a charity (no big surprise) since we would not be for a literary, scientific, educational or religious purpose. 

The section had details on how to not be political because that will lose nonprofit status, and what to do in order to qualify for church status. I don't think either will apply to the zombie walk, but its' good information to know. Everything points to the zombie walk being a relatively simple nonprofit to set up and maintain, once I'm done reading the book and ready for the setup process. 

On a totally different topic, I almost forgot to report the destruction of one of our futon frames. We got it from my parents years ago and it's been downstairs for several years. At first I thought that just one joint where the bottom meets the back needed to be fixed/reinforced, but the bottom totally came apart with wood slats and supports way beyond the point of reasonable repair. Some of the slats themselves were broken, too. At least it all fell apart at one time. There's still enough furniture downstairs for everyone to sit on while watching TV, so no issues. 

We watched Tron with the kids today. 1982 computer graphics, today a thirteen year old could do better on their iPod. But it was quite impressive for the time. And the actors were so young. I don't know what other classics we should subject the kids to watching. 

Projects for this week (besides intensive cleaning) include doing at least one quilt square sample. I want to get applique and satin stitch down for my upcoming skull quilt project.