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 I'm currently playing "Fuel" on the PS3. I must say,… - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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[Oct. 3rd, 2010|07:14 pm]
Verminius Rex
 I'm currently playing "Fuel" on the PS3. I must say, it rocks on a 6'x10' screen. And it's treating my desire for a dune buggy nicely, at a fraction of the cost and no physical risk. 

Kiyan is enjoying the downstairs immensely, both the play niche and watching the big screen. We are going to work on securing the upstairs door so we don't have to worry about him coming upstairs and messing around where he shouldn't while everyone else is down there. The light at the bottom of the stairs is also problematic, since the only switch for it is at the top of the stairs. I'm thinking that some creative cover for the light so it doesn't shine directly into the tv room will work out. Another option would be finding some red or black lightbulbs of that type, which would light up the stairwell but not interfere with the projection. 

I'm still looking for my 12" stock pot lit. No clue where it went. I'm also missing some headphones, but I break them so quickly I have multiple units around for my laptop. 

No jury duty on Monday, I have to call Tuesday evening to see if I report on Wednesday. Let's hope for a nice check fraud rather than the child abuse and molestation cases that I was in the pool for last week.

Now that the tv room is pretty much done (minus some cleanup, touchup and arranging) I'm starting on the craft room again. So far I've started clearing a path and clearing out stuff from the construction, putting away old hobby stuff that may get picked up again, and seeing where we can make some space for a future quilting machine, and currently the rocking chair that needs reupholstering. The kids were abusing it in the tv room, so it's a craft room chair for awhile. 

Costume group is in 2 days, Zombie Walk in 4 days. And early this week (possibly tomorrow, should call parents about it) I'm taking over stuff so my dad can process and press a bunch of apples he got for a good deal. I should pick and press the rest of mine, too. And see about getting a quarter cow for the freezer. I did get two of my raised beds covered in compost.