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I hate waiting... - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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I hate waiting... [Sep. 7th, 2010|05:58 pm]
Verminius Rex
The organizer for the zombie walk messaged me on Facebook a few days ago about the date. She's currently traveling from what I can tell, so I have to wait for a response to my reply. There are things that I want to do and can do to help organize the event, but they require organizer approval, because doing too much without approval from the person who started this event would be rude. But I'm ready to work on it, and keep checking Facebook waiting for her reply.

I thought that to get a better count this year, we'd tag people much like I did when taking photos at conventions. Back then I'd print out those small return address labels with some clipart and "I was shot by the ratman", including the website so they could find the photos later. I'm thinking for this year, print out several hundred tags with a bit of clipart, the name of the event, the date, and the Facebook page/website address. Something like this.


After tagging everyone, you count the leftover tags and know how many people were there. Which would give a very accurate count by the time everyone returns from the gazebo. 

While I remember, does anyone own a bullhorn I can borrow? It's hard to speak with a crowd without one (unless you can project like some of the faire folk can. I can't.)