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 The AC guy is currently downstairs working on our system. I… - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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[Aug. 30th, 2010|12:27 pm]
Verminius Rex
 The AC guy is currently downstairs working on our system. I decided to come back upstairs because staring at his back doesn't help anyone, and has no internet access. I noted that I see him more often than some of my relatives, which speaks to the condition of our AC unit (on schedule for replacement, hopefully with the next tax return). 

I finally replaced the dented mailbox (punched by a drunk from a party across the street years ago) with the new one I purchased a couple years ago. When the old one lost it's door, there was enough motivation to pry out four rusty nails, put on the new mailbox, pound back in four rusty nails, and call it good. 

While the AC guy was here I asked about the duct cleaning services, he said they don't hold a position either way, but did point out that the service could kick up more stuff than it's cleaning out, so I don't feel the need to clean the lint coating of the ducts that has been accumulating for 40 years. Nothing is clogged, and it may be catching more than it's releasing. Plus, no money needs to be spend on it.

Kiyan gets a filling Thursday morning. That should be a fresh load of fun. 

And my current book is Terry Pratchett's "Reaper Man". I don't think I'll make the full 50 books for this year's challenge due to my habit of rereading books (since I only count new books for the challenge), but it's been interesting to try. And it makes me read more new stuff. 

The AC guy said it was lack of airflow that froze it up, combination of factors (including dust from the remodel) caused the thing to freeze up, now it's good. And I have an idea what to try next time for a home cure if something like it happens again. So the AC is flowing and starting to feel cooler in here already. They'll pull out the blower and clean it off during the fall servicing, which should also help. 

And best of all, my lunch plans are not interfered with because they were done before 1pm.

[User Picture]From: magdaleneseal
2010-08-30 05:31 pm (UTC)
Shop vac set to blow out will knock the dust out. I do this every month since I had that issue in May with my own AC. I also hose down/clean off the outside unit as well. MY HVAC guy showed me how to do all of this. :)
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