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 We ordered a new couch today, it should get here in a couple… - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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[Aug. 14th, 2010|01:58 pm]
Verminius Rex
 We ordered a new couch today, it should get here in a couple weeks from whatever state it is made in (darn you freight speed!) It will be much easier to clean, more durable, and a better setup for the living room. Marz dished it out of her last advance for the Android phone book she wrote. 

The component shelf niche is painted, which means that one end of the house has it's painting done so I can start moving stuff over there while I work on the rest of the room. There is lots to haul out of the kids play area and stash while we finish painting, but it also means the room is nearly done. Still no clue how we will paint the landing and hallway.

We turned in Pari's summer reading form at the library today. This is the first summer that she read the books herself rather than having the books read to her. Now she has coupons for stuff and expects us to use them all this weekend.

And thanks to affreca  and her link to this chart, I'm going to be starting Terry Pratchett's discword series soon. I met the man at a convention in St Louis many years ago, and without reading anything I became a fan of the man.Time to start reading his stuff. I've seen the BBC miniseries Colour of Magic and Hogfather, plus listened to Going Postal as an audiobook and liked them.