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Verminius Rex

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home loaf 2.1.... [Jul. 18th, 2010|10:19 pm]
Verminius Rex
My basic bread that I make by default, called the home loaf 2.0 (like I remember what 1.0 was like), is made with a whole wheat preferment and high gluten flour for the rest, along with flax meal, olive oil, salt and yeast.

After making some rye for the first time in literally a year or more, I decided to play around with the home loaf recipe a bit. So for the preferment, instead of my usual 10 oz of whole wheat, I did 8 oz whole wheat and 2 oz rye along with the usual 4 t raw sugar, 1/2 t instant yeast and 20 oz water.

I just made up the dough, but what I found interesting is that after going for about 8 hours (the minimum time for a good preferment, unless you are really rushed) that there was a visible layer on top that I'm pretty sure is the rye rising to the top of the wheat. Everything is well mixed, so the separation occurred slowly.

But now it's all done up in a big lump of dough that will rise quickly between a warm preferment and the general heat of summer, even in an air conditioned house. So I'll have two loaves of this new mixture tonight to see if the rye lends some structural integrity to the household loaf recipe, and if it does anything with the flavor (rye is actually pretty mild, rye bread usually has caraway seed which gives it that strong flavor).

If it goes well I may bump up the rye to 4 oz, but we'll see. Rye dough rises slower than wheat, although with this portion I don't think it will slow it down by much.

So here i am, blogging about unbaked bread after 10pm. Yeah, I've committed myself to being up until about 1am baking, again.