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Verminius Rex

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state of the day... [Jul. 8th, 2010|11:49 am]
Verminius Rex
Planning a zoo trip with the kids and one of Kiyan's clinicians shortly.

I managed to trace out Pari's sack dress and pants patterns (very simple, just hadn't gotten around to it yet).

Vine borers have taken out many of my squash plants, so I may plant a few more to get a later crop. Cucumbers are doing well, the first confirmed Armenian cucumber is about pencil sized right now. I'll be picking 3-4 English cucumbers with Pari tonight.

The VW should be out of the shop this afternoon. The oil leak was an easy fix, and the engine light a loose connection.

Next Wednesday I go to the optometrist for the first time in several years. The UV coating on my glasses has been peeling up, now it's like looking through perpetually dirty glasses. I'll be looking at new frames, but definitely get these redone too, and maybe the pair of civil war frames I lust after if the measurements seem right.