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I have some lemon biscotti in the oven, it smells wonderful but I… - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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[Jun. 21st, 2010|05:51 pm]
Verminius Rex
I have some lemon biscotti in the oven, it smells wonderful but I made the mistake of adding the juice to the mix without compensating for the extra moisture to begin with. Adding some extra flour made the difference, but next time I'll stick with just lemon zest. In my bagel experience adding the juice did nothing for the flavor, it was all in the zest. That should allow me to stick with the basic recipe I got from Pooch back in 2007 (but didn't actually try until this month).

My dental visit this morning went well (after missing last week they made a later apt but had an opening, so I'm still on schedule). No cavities, need to floss better.

I harvested all the unpollinated yellow squash from the garden, finger sized with no aspirations to grow larger. They are diced up for the stir fry that will hit a hot pan before too long. I'll be checking the weather report to prepare for another smoking session, this time a bunch of chicken breast along with some drumsticks.

Pari finally finished her quilt, despite protesting most of the way. She wants to do stuff but hates the process, and her attention span doesn't help. But this project is done and when the craft room is set up (yes, I'm still working on it) we'll be able to work side by side since she does better with one of us in the room while sewing.

So all is good, although I think my tomatoes are starting a territory war with the bell peppers. I don't think the peppers will sustain without assistance, so tomato branches get trimmed or tied up so they don't smother the peppers. Next year I won't plant them together.