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So far the old dough method of bread baking is working nicely. I took… - At Home With Children — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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[Jun. 16th, 2010|01:47 pm]
Verminius Rex
So far the old dough method of bread baking is working nicely. I took about 8 oz of dough made 2 days ago out of the fridge, diced it up into a dozen or so pieces, covered and let it rest for an hour at room temp. Then I made up my regular dough (minus the yeast, and remembered the olive oil this time) and added the old dough for kneading in the mixer. It blended in easily, and the entire batch rose nicely. After the first rise I set aside an 8 oz lump for tomorrow's loaf, and I have 2 large loaves in the oven right now. My only real goal is to see if I can use the old dough as a yeast source for about 5 days in a row, although I've already proven that I can store the dough for 2 days easily enough.

The kids got to rampage in the sprinkler for a bit, followed by a bath. After they get a visit for one of their studies (I'll start calling it the play study, as opposed to a visit from one of his clinicians) they go over to my parent's house while I take the title for Sister's old Galant over to the courthouse and get tags.

And best of all, today I smoke the pork tenderloins. Yum.