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The lawn is mowed, I'm cooling down a bit before hitting the shower… - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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[Jun. 11th, 2010|10:01 am]
Verminius Rex
The lawn is mowed, I'm cooling down a bit before hitting the shower for a much needed cleansing. It's not too hot but the humidity of summer is definitely here. Downstairs work can wait until this afternoon.

The forecast has too much rain for definite smoking today, and I didn't get my brine done until later. So I made up two batches of brine last night for the pork, later today I'll put them in the brines and smoke sometime between Sunday and Monday.

Today in the garden I found a fist sized 8 ball squash that had somehow missed my attention (green on green is hard to see, in my defense, one reason I prefer yellow squash). And three of my eight cucumber vines have started flowering. I have no idea which ones these are of the three varieties that I planted.

Time permitting I'm swinging by 1/2 price books to dispose of some bread baking and baby books. I'm sure there are more bread books to add to the pile, these are just the ones I found that have no recipes I care about, only got for the pretty pictures, use sourdough or no knead methods, or are just plain lousy cookbooks. I'll keep a half dozen or so of the 20+ bread books, of course.

I'm also reclaiming some of my back yard from overgrowth again, mostly against the fenceline. Around the garden needs clearing for my rabbit fence project (although the varmints aren't currently eating anything from what I can tell). It'll also keep Kiyan from blazing a trail across my onion bed again. This project mostly involves clipping down maple saplings, about 3 feet tall and the size of a large pencil, that have grown through the fence.