Verminius Rex (verminiusrex) wrote,
Verminius Rex

state of the garden....

The garden is beginning to thrive.

The last bed is pretty much wasted this year since I'm not doing much with the few greens growing there. I'll do something else next year.


The zombie squash are starting to fruit. Which means I have about 5 yellow squash plants, in addition to an 8 ball and a white pattypan. I didn't think the zombie squash was going to be healthy enough to survive. I could just let a couple of them grow gigantic fruit, that should stop them from producing many more, and I can feed giant squash to the iguana.

I've begun sorting the stuff in the craft room. All luggage is nested and in the sump pump hallway, where they are out of the way until shelves can be built there for long term storage of rarely used items. The antique knitting machine and all it's components are in one location, to be gone through more soon. Costume stuff is being tossed into the closet for a more thorough sorting later. Only the tophat and a few smaller or fragile items are placed aside for protection. Garbage sale stuff will go into another pile soon. Each bit of sorting opens up more space so it's easier to sort, and when I get to the fabric I'll need all the space I can find.

I think 1:30am is late enough, time for bed.
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