Verminius Rex (verminiusrex) wrote,
Verminius Rex

Friends and their kids visiting is always fun. I burned the hell out of the drumsticks, because the grill goes out on anything but high. I'm wondering if there's a partial vapor lock preventing good gas flow, I'll look for directions to clear it online and try again soon. Next time I'm definitely using the smoker.

I suddenly realized that I have a bunch of yellow squash coming in, including the zombie squash. It's thrilling but confusing. The 8 ball squash has larger stems on the fruit, the yellow squash look like the male flowers until they turn yellow. Still waiting for the pattypan to fruit, but it has flowers coming in.

I'm thinking that I may just fence off the raised beds of the garden from the rabbits, not the entire area. The rabbits will probably leave an onion bed and herb bed alone, and I can elevate containers a bit if needed.

I have no proteins for dinner, just veggies. Looks like a grocery trip after the kids are finished with a much needed bath.
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