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Books, breads and...I can't think of another B word.... - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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Books, breads and...I can't think of another B word.... [Dec. 28th, 2009|04:49 pm]
Verminius Rex
We hit Oak Park Mall today so Marz could do her yearly post-Christmas shopping at the Lush store. She buys a lot, but only shops the sale once a year so no complaints (especially since I buy flour in 50 lb bags). While there we hit Barns&Noble, and I got the next 4 Simon Green novels in the Nightside series. They are pretty short, so four is actually like getting maybe 1.5-2 novels of usual length. I'm a couple chapters into "Agents of Light and Darkness", my favorite quote so far (nothing to do with plot) is something along the lines of "Elvis was so full of pills when he died, they buried him in a coffin with a child proof lid."

And right now I have the first bread experiment in a long time on it's second proof (also called bench proofing, terminology I toss around when I want to sound like I know something about bread baking). I hadn't done much experimenting in years, so I finally broke down and decided to make an attempt at the largest loaf of bread I've ever made. My biggest freestanding loaf was just under 5 lbs, I can't make it any bigger with reasonable results because it spreads out under it's own weight. This time I have 6.5 lbs of dough in a big lasagna pan (yes, I got the lasagna pan with the intentions of eventually making bread in it). If it rises properly, then I'll have a huge loaf of bread that will take maybe 60-90 minutes to bake and require a temp probe for doneness, maybe foil on top to prevent over browning. If it fails, I'll have wasted a huge chunk of dough for no reason, but really only be out maybe $2-3 in ingredients. Pics to follow if I succeed, a deafening silence if I utterly fail, unless the failure picture is simply hilarious.