Verminius Rex (verminiusrex) wrote,
Verminius Rex

taste test results...

I took a half dozen of each flavor to the costume group meetup, and although opinions varied (and people are loyal to their love of garlic), the lean was towards the rosemary onion without the garlic. So I'll keep the flavor as a simple rosemary onion, and consider the job done.

My kimono graphics met with approval, so it's a good start on my panel demo for how to make a kimono for costuming. I'm thinking that I may pull the 4T sized manikin from downstairs for the demo, so that my sample pieces only need to be child sized. Much less fabric for that.

And I still need to finish the hakama for Samurai Moo. I know what needs to be done, just have to do it. The prototype showed me what I need to change, and I feel no need to finish the prototype when I've learned everything I can from it. I'll try to finish it before the weekend, shouldn't take more than a couple of evenings.
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