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We returned from KaCSFFS Christmas gathering. auroraceleste got… - At Home With Children [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Verminius Rex

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[Dec. 20th, 2008|10:24 pm]
Verminius Rex
We returned from KaCSFFS Christmas gathering. auroraceleste got a ride with us, experiencing the joy of traveling with children. Overall a fun time, although the gathering is much smaller than in years past. Keeping Kiyan away from dairy items is always a challenge. We used to not really care what he ate, a bunch of sugar just meant a burst of energy before he fell asleep on the drive home. Now we work to prevent future nastiness.

I'm currently watching the director's cut of Kingdom of Heaven, I hope that the 3 hours or whatever are worth it. radcliffe may shudder in horror at the T-tunics, but I can stand it. So far it's made a bit more sense, explaining family relationships and how inheritance caused some of the trouble in the first half hour of the movie.