Verminius Rex (verminiusrex) wrote,
Verminius Rex

the world demands that I keep making bagels...

My sister gave me a call today, apparently a week before Winter Market there is a craft show where someone usually sells food but won't be there this time. So I got asked to bake bagels for her to sell. It's money, and I don't even have to attend.

Three of the dozen bagels I baked today are bagged as normal for market and set aside for the Friday taste test. I must say, fresh bagels for dinner are heavenly.

I'm also looking at switching from malt barley syrup to malt barley powder for the bagels. The dry ingredient would be easier to measure and store, and I think it would be cheaper per ounce. I'll probably ask the Merc to order me some and experiment with it around January.

I need another trip to Sam's Club, get one more 50 lb bag of flour and some cream cheese packets.

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